6055/6056 Reporting on IRS Forms 1094/1095

The Assured Answers reporting solution includes:

  • Webinars on completing the template that compiles demographic, offer of coverage details, and enrollment information
  • Assistance in obtaining coverage information for self-insured plans
  • Forms 1094-C and 1095-C completion and fulfillment
  • Assistance with IRS e-filing project management services and a dedicated communication portal

All participants will be provided a written timeline that highlights key dates.  If a key date has passed without completion of a task, Assured Answers may void the contract and terminate the project.   If work has already started, all funds paid will be forfeited by the client.

benefits administration

Year-Round Benefit Admin

Not currently using a Benefits Enrollment Administration System? We can help!

AssuredPartners has multiple solutions to assist you and your employees throughout the year with benefit administration and enrollment. We will provide you with a benefits enrollment and eligibility system that fits your needs and provides required annual ACA 6055/6056 reporting. Our Benefit Enrollment Administration Systems provide the ability to enroll and track employees’ eligibility throughout the year. We can transmit enrollment to your carriers electronically so you no longer have to manually update multiple carrier systems and integrate with your payroll system.